Are Humans the Wealthiest People in the Universe?

Melinda Snodgrass came up with the idea for her science fiction novel High Place as he began to think about how dangerous people could be.

“Suddenly I saw a strange ant-seven-legged creature with seals and claws – a dangerous, dangerous creature,” says Snodgrass in Section 370 of Geek design in Galaxy Podcast. “And it was scary from a young man with a machine gun. And I began to think about our human nature and our tendency to be really cruel, dangerous.”

The book takes place throughout the universe in which the human kingdom of the Solar League has conquered five foreign nations, which now become workers and second citizens. Snodgrass thinks this is the obvious first impression.

“If we can make a car that continues to burn, and go to nature, when I meet other tourists, I believe the first thing we can do is get rid of the nonsense,” he says. “So instead of just dealing with the visitors, we but strangers. ”

He also believes that the progress made by human beings is more difficult than ever before, and that women’s rights can be eradicated as long as childbearing is a priority, as is the case in the Solar League. “When you go into space and build planets, if you can live on a non-gold planet – a world like the world – where there is a difficult environment, the thing that becomes most valuable is your ability to reduce population,” she says. “In the years to come, women are back to work. . “

All of this brings a lot of controversy over her character to Mercedes de Arango, one of the first women to attend the Solar League military academy. It is a problem that Snodgrass is aware of, as she was the only mother on the law firm at her law firm.

“I had a group of lawyers from the big house downstairs, and I heard them call out, ‘We heard that Charlie registered himself as a girl. Where’s the girl?'” Snodgrass says. “And they all came and looked at me in my office like I was a creature. It was so amazing. ”

Listen to the full interview with Melinda Snodgrass in Section 370 of Geek design in Galaxy (above). And see some of the highlights from the discussion below.

Melinda Snodgrass on her father:

“My father was very good, he was the center of my life. I loved him very much, and he gave me every opportunity – to study European theater, horseback riding, when I was 16 and he sat me down and said, ‘We are opening a research account and you have to look after it. “At the time of his death he was in charge of a small oil and oil company, and now I am in charge of the company. I took over in 2002, and have been running it ever since. That’s why I have an old idea of ​​being a successor – or a successor. instead – in business.… It is strange, however, because sometimes my father would slip, I had a brother, who was much older than me, and the father would sometimes say, ‘My other son, John.’ And then people love it Senator Montoya, who had lunch with us that day, would laugh and say, ‘Wait a minute, who’s it?’ ”

Melinda Snodgrass pa Roger Zelazny:

“Roger and I fell in love during the last two years of his life. He joined our sports team, came to our house for dinner most evenings. He was the most beautiful and kind person there was. … As soon as I started writing, the author I was with – who also was Victor Milan‘s is Bob VardemanOur agent – we were all at the party, at a local science fiction conference, and he said, ‘You have to change your name.’ And Roger immediately said, ‘No. No, they do not. ‘He said,’ Look at my name. Even on the bookshelf, no one can forget my name. ‘And he turned to me and said,’ Do not change your name, for no one can forget that name. ‘ And I kept it. ”

Melinda Snodgrass pa Jean Cocteau Cinema:

“[George R.R. Martin] has transformed into an independent science library in the southwest. Because apart from the theaters, there is a bar – they are licensed to drink alcohol – and then there is a license, and they have artists who come and hang their art for a couple of weeks, to see various Santa Fe artists, and they have all our books. And when they are not making movies, they will have experiences. Connie Willis he comes, and I ask him questions, then he will sign later. … So you can go in and buy books, have a White Walker Cocktail while you are there, watch an independent video, and George is in town and you will find him there, connected to his home chair, in the evening, to chat with people. ”

Melinda Snodgrass pa Star Wars: Part V – The Empire Striking Back:

“I was in the legal office, and I hated it. I would start working in the morning, close my door, cry for 15 minutes, and then look after myself and continue working. … [Victor Milan and I] I went to see The Kingdom Has Returned, and we came to the forefront of Jodae and Luke, and Luke says, ‘I try,’ and Joda says, ‘Do it or not. No experimentation. ‘And for some reason it was like a thunderbolt to me, and I was like,’ I could live my whole life in this parliament, and in a few years I would probably have a big office and be a dangerous young man to involve me in how I was threatened, or I could try to fix my life. ‘Do it or not, there is no temptation.’ So I walked into the office the next morning, wrote a letter of resignation, picked up my crops and diplomas, laid them on my boss’s desk, and walked out. ”

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