NSA Reveals In Response To FOIA That The FBI Has Involved A “Inadequate Monitoring” Of 16,000 Americans

Other History

Throughout 2020 the Black Lives Matter terrorist group was carefully integrated 91% which resulted in the destruction of the most expensive property in the history of insurance in the US

There were zero Trump meetings that were brutal right away.

Then on January 6, when a million Trump supporters followed President Trump at the Ellipse outside the White House, about 900 people stormed inside the US Capitol. More than 400 have been arrested since then, including one shook the US Capitol with the police standing at the exit.

ABOUT: MORE PREPARATION: NSA Reveals in FOIA Responding to FBI’s Activity

As of January, Deep State and Democrats will not release video tapes to Republican lawmakers from January 6th inside or outside the US Capitol.

Earlier this week Revolver Stories published an important article on the “unsuspecting terrorists” at the Jan show. 6 not charged by the DOJ or FBI for the act of violence on Jan. 6.

“Uncontested conspirators” were often the most violent and violent leaders in the US Capitol. They also appear as FBI agents.

GREAT! Revolver News Breaks Report on Possibly Deep Plants During Jan. 6 Attack – WAS IT ALL DESIGNED?

We also mentioned earlier this week that we have evidence that the FBI was looking for members of the armed forces to come in and spy on the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys before the January 6 riots.

On March 23, The Gateway Pundit wrote this to former Green Beret Jeremy Brown – in the report, Brown testifies that he was re-written by the FBI:

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: FBI and DHS Attempt to Write Old Green Beret to Join and Spy Oath Keepers, Proud Guys – But They Wrote Conversations!

(** You can support Jeremy Brown’s experiment Pano.)

Tonight we get a pipe

It all started this morning with our story about Ty Clevenger and how the FBI responded to his FOIA request and said he would only hand over the documents Clevenger requested in some way based on Clevenger’s account based on the number of documents, this would take decades for the FBI to provide him with all the documents. requested:

Attorney Ty Clevenger Attempts to Reach Seth Financial Criticism Receives FOIA Response From FBI Says It Will Take Decades To Give All Relevant Notes

After submitting this, this afternoon Clevenger received a letter from the National Security Agency (NSA). In the letter the The NSA promised to provide documentation related to illegal FBI spies in the United States:

Be strong, children. The National Security Agency has agreed to compile records of FBI’s illegal surveillance of 16,000 Americans, according to a A letter I received from the NSA this afternoon, and this signifies a political war between the two organizations.

The NSA responded to the same request that Clevenger made to the FBI where he received a response that would take the FBI decades to respond. Below is an NSA letter:

Clevenger believes There could be a dispute between the FBI and the NSA:

As you may recall, Admiral Mike Rogers tried to block the FBI’s access to the NSA in 2016 (when he was director of the NSA) after hearing that FBI contractors were illegally searching on the database. Beyond Conservative Tree Reserve, Sundance has made a strong case against FBI agents use of the NSA depot on anti-political research (see also Pano and Pano and Pano). One of the contractors who has the opportunity to keep the NSA, for example, looks like Fusion GPS, which helped Christopher Steele write a highly regarded essay on “Russian”. Instead, it appears to be one of the flaws in Steele’s report, ie, President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen’s visit to Prague, was due to illegal NSA hunting (which produced the moving notes of the wrong “Michael Cohen”).

Given the history of hostility between the FBI and the NSA in the misuse of reserves, I would not know if the NSA fired the FBI for initiating statements that the FBI refused to deny, ie, records of how the FBI illegally treats US citizens. The FBI is dangerous, and perhaps patriotic NSA members are aware of this. Consider, for example, the growing evidence that the FBI has not just entered helped organize the “invasion” of January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol…

… Speaking of FBI fraud, read it post today inside Gateway Gate of the FBI’s attempts to conceal documents relating to the Wikileaks fiikco. And think of this in court soon of the FBI’s attempts to conceal the records of Seth Rich’s murdered DNC employee (the FBI has come under fire from state courts). Tucker Carlson tells the truth about the FBI: it’s dirty, dirty, dirty, and maybe even the greatest threat to our freedom.

We now know for sure that the FBI is spying on thousands of Americans and is infiltrating various parts of the United States and prosecuting people.

One has to wonder if there are any political activities going on in the US that have not been established by the FBI.

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